Bone Grafts

Bone grafting and regeneration are techniques used to restore and strengthen the underlying support of the teeth so they can function longer. Bone loss with Periodontal Disease can occur throughout the mouth, or can be localized around one tooth. In this procedure, the disease-causing bacteria is removed from under the gum tissue. Freeze dried synthetic or cadavaeric bone is inserted into bony defects which forms a foundation for the regeneration of your supporting tissues. Sometimes, a collagen, resorbable membrane is inserted to keep gum tissue away from the tooth and underlying bone. This permits the re-growth of new bone and inhibits soft tissue growth into the bone graft which provides additional stability of the tooth. Without treatment, bone loss may advance, resulting in possible tooth loss.

Bone lost around the root of a tooth will not grow back. In areas where bone loss is not severe, bone grafting may be an option to fill in the defect. In this example, the bone defect (outlined in yellow) around the root of the molar was treated with a bone graft procedure. The graft products are bio−compatible. The success of this procedure depends on the amount of defect, the presence of infection, and the healing abilities of the individual.

Before bone defect After bone defect
Before & After Bone Defect

Bone Graft Socket Preservation