The frenum is a small tissue band inside the upper and lower lips that attaches to the gum tissue. Normally, this attachment is away from the teeth. In some situations, the frenum attaches to the tissue very close to the teeth. When the lips move, the frenum pulls on the tissue. This can cause the tissue to be pulled away from the teeth and can compromise the health of the tissue and lead to problems around the teeth.     

A frenectomy is performed to correct this problem. In a frenectomy, the attachment is released so that it can no longer pull on the tissue around the teeth. A frenectomy is a very simple and quick procedure.

Following is an example where tissue around the teeth has been compromised. The frenum is pulling on the tissue causing it to pull away from the teeth. A tissue graft performed in conjunction with a frenectomy restores the tissue to a healthy state.

Before Frenectomy After Frenectomy
Frenum Pulling on Tissue & After Frenectomy