Restoring A Fractured Tooth

Fractured Tooth

Teeth most commonly fracture when they have been traumatized, or
if they have been weakened by dental decay or large restorations. Fractures above the gum line can usually be restored.

In the before and after photos to the right, the fracture on the front tooth appears very small and easy to restore. However, in this case, there was a vertical fracture in the root of the tooth, making the tooth non−restoreable.

An implant restoration was chosen to replace the fractured tooth since the teeth on either side were in healthy condition.

Fractured Tooth - Before

In this individual, the fracture extends to the root of the tooth.


Fractured Tooth - After

Here we are looking at the final result. It is very difficult to tell the difference between the implant supported crown and the natural tooth beside it.